About Us

Ali A. Al-Tamimi Trading and Contracting Company is a leading company in a variety of fields, including industry, power, water, oil, and gas. It supplies electro-mechanical parts and chemicals; executes industrial and electrical projects; provides solutions for environment protection, control systems and pipeline related services and maintenance for mega companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The company occupies a distinguished position, thanks to the strong and stable solvency of the company and the long experiences it has. The company has formed strategic partnerships with global renowned companies aiming to offer the best services to its customers. It has proven its ability to be a successful example in realizing growth by offering solutions and services that satisfy its customers.

In addition, the company maintains close relationships with its customers. Its success has resulted from its focus on three virtual elements. They are: quality of the products and services offered; an effective, highly experienced work team; and adopting an ambitious strategy for growth by establishing branches in various areas of the country with the purpose of being constantly close to its customers.

Ali A. Al-Tamimi Trading and Contracting Company strives to be a strategic partner in developing the power and industry sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It provides its customers with the best solutions to gain their confidence and to become the quality mark for all of its stakeholders.


To partner with the energy and industrial sector, to provide the best solutions.

Tamimi mission

Our Values


We assume full responsibility for our work and its results. Our work is the product of our thoughts and energy.


Credibility and honesty are the cornerstone of our work. Our willingness to discuss our work with our clients is the basis of our reputation for integrity. Transparency and integrity are the core principles of Tamimi Group.

We pride ourselves on these principles, which explain our success in the Saudi market.

Creation and innovation

Great work is the result of innovation. At Al-Tamimi, we maintain contact with our clients and find satisfactory solutions for their problems.

The main sources of our learning are our clients. Their objectives inspire our innovations, which we deliver to them.


Our efforts are focused on growth into a strong and respected company that adheres to the high standards of its quality. We maintain constant contact with our clients to understand their needs and ensure their satisfaction.


Quality is central to our work. We offer the highest standards of service and maintain direct contact with the clients. In its quest to provide unrivaled levels of services, Al-Tamimi depends on its business-oriented employees and highly trained work teams.


One of our main objectives is to maintain a constant market presence. With the year on year growth of our group and the increasing numbers of our branches and offices, we seek to strengthen ties with our clients and increase our productivity and credibility. Towards these ends,Tamimi Group has established five offices in Al-Khobar, Riyadh, Jeddah, Jubail, and Yanbu.





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