Sheikh Ali Abdullah AlTamimi-may Allah have mercy on him

sheikh ali abdullah altamimiThe warehouse officer who turned out to be one of the pillars of national economy. starting from Onaizah,he became one of the first founders of commercial and industrial work in the Kingdom. Struggle and wisdom of men should be reserved in the memory of history. In his life, lessons to be learnt by many generations to come. he made a name for himself ,that, not only competes with local rich businessmen but international businessmen too. Rich but not for his wealth which its language is “numbers” but rich for his experience which became the centre of admiration by many others. A long life filled with struggle and sedulity, with Allah’s blessings the warehouse officer Ali Abdullah AlTamimimay Allah have mercy on him became one of the most important icons and pillars of the national economy who contributed in spreading commercial and industrial work in the kingdom. Because of his sincerity and integrity in his work, when the Gas entered Saudi Arabia through Bahrain, officers at ARAMCO offered him to take over the business of dropping goods coming from Bahrain, his name as a business man was linked to many projects, in particular extending pipe lines with ARAMCO. He opened the first gas station in the Eastern Province which was in “Abqaiq” then he opened the first automatic laundry in Dammam and a company for transportation too. In the early 70’s,he co‐founded the first internationaln supermarkets with Sheikh Abdullah Fouad which is called right now “AlTamimi Safeway”. In addition, he founded many companies which contributed heavily to the “fifth plan” in the kingdom. He owned international commercial and industrial agencies which contributed heavily in moving and pushing the wheels of the national economy. He believed that to be sincere in your work, you have to take care of people around you because a human being without his society is nothing.


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