Tamimi / Tyco presentation

tamimi-tyco-presentationThe presentation was held in the most important factory of the Tyco group. The factory in sympell in Germany . Tamimi presentation was prepared and presented by three sales engineers (Abdulrahman Al Omair , Bassam Al Mohaidb , Naif Al Qahtani), It gives some background and a brief about our organization and our company as well and talk about the present market of valves in Saudi Arabia and finally we talk about how we see the future between our company and Tyco group specially sympell factory.

I can say it was a great opportunity to share the experience with one of the most important and experience valve manufacturer in the world and I hope to have the chance with other manufactures in the future. Note to forget to say that the presentation was win the
“Best Presentation” made in the trip and that because of the good sprite and team work between the members.

Naif Al Qahtani


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