New Projects for energy

First Project

Upgrade Liquid Fuel System for JP GT at Aramco Jeddah Refinery In this project Tamimi upgrade the Liquid Fuel system for Aramco GTG #2 MS5001‐N (S/N 226150) John Brown Unit under License to GE from a NY Airbrake (NYAB) variable type pump to a Shimadzu fixed or universal type pump by apply the following:
Replacement of the main fuel oil pump of GTG# 2 and do all required modifications Replacement of the existing electrical clutch with new one similar to existing GTG # 1, 3 &4
Install new fuel oil bypass control valve with servo bypass valve arrangement.
Complete the required on base fuel oil piping modifications to install the new pump, bypass control valve and fuel pump clutch. Complete the required on base conduit and wiring connections to the servo fuel oil bypass valve, flow divider magnetic pickup &
pressure transmitter.

Reconfiguration of the new Universal Liquid Fuel System with the existing MARK V control system and calibration.
Tamimi start the job in August, 4 and start up the unit on FSNL mode on August, 21 then start up the unit again with 18MW on August, 25.

Second Project

Upgrade Fire Alarm System at Gas Reduction skid in SEC/Aramco plant. In this project Tamimi upgrade/replace the old fire alarm system to new system. the old system have been in service for more than 10 years, and we are replacing the old panels with new one, and connect it with new instrumentations and to the DCS. We start the project to upgrade part of the skid, then SEC extend it to
upgrade all the skid. more than 90% of the work is done and we expect to finish the project in the 3rd of November.

Bassam Al-Mohideb


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