GE Energy Parts International, LLC.

GE Energy Parts International, LLC offers a comprehensive inventory of spare parts, including emergency spare part kits tailored to our customers’ individual needs. GE Energy Parts International, LLC’s state-of-the-art communication and planning tools ensure the best possible support worldwide.

GE Energy Parts International, LLC.

Pentair Valves & Control

Pentair Valves & Control brings together the world› premier manufacturers of flow control products. With over 90 valve brands, Pentair offers a level of expertise that is second to none in providing innovative solutions to the most challenging flow control applications. Pentair is the world›s largest manufacturer of valve products that move, control, and sample liquids, gases, powders, and other substances. Brand names include Anderson Greenwood, Avid Controls, Biffi, Clarkson, Crosby, Dewrance, Hancock, Keystone, Fasani, FCT, Flo Check, Hindle, Intervalve, KTM, Morin, Narvik, NeoTecha, Penberthy, Raimondi, Rovalve, Sapag, Sempell, Vanessa, Vonk, Varec, Whessoe, Winn, and Yarway. Pentair’s products include automatic recirculation, ball, butterfly, control, check, desuperheaters, gate, globe, instrumentation, knife gates, pressure & safety relief, rotary process triple offset & sampling valves; electric, pneumatic & hydraulic actuators; actuator positioners; and actuator controls.

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GE Oil & Gas


GE Oil & Gas provides a complete portfolio of value-added products, services and solutions for the oil and gas industry.Products include gas and steam turbines, compressors, turboexpanders, pumps, balves, reducing and metering systems, fuel dispensers and steering tools for drilling and exploration.

Value-added services keep your machines operating at peak efficiency and performance.

These services include machine conversions, modifications and upgrade, contractual service agreements, high-technology overhauls and repairs, uprated parts, remote monitoring and diagnostics and pipeline integrity management. We also provide field service support for installation, startup, commissioning, on-site inspections and overhauls and emergency repairs, as well as customized managerial and technical training.

GE Jenbacher Gas Engines

GE’s Jenbacher gas engine division is a manufacturer of gas-fueled reciprocating engines, packaged generator sets, and cogeneration units for power generation. It focuses exclusively on gas engine technology. GE’s Jenbacher gas engines range in power from 0.25 to 9.5 MW and run on natural gas or a variety of other gases (e.g., biogas, landfill gas, coal mine gas, sewage gas, combustible industrial waste gases). GE’s Jenbacher gas engine division also focuses on technical excellence in waste-heat-to-electricity generation in small-scale applications. The Heat Recovery Solutions business developed an innovative 125 KW heat-recovery generator, which recovers the waste heat from various types of engines and biomass boilers and uses it as fuel to produce electricity with zero environmental emissions. A broad range of commercial, industrial, and municipal customers use Jenbacher products for on-site generation of power, heat, and cooling. Patented combustion systems, engine controls, and
monitoring enable Jenbacher power generation plants to meet stringent emission standards while offering high levels of efficiency, durability, and reliability. GE’s Jenbacher headquarters, main production facilities, and more than 1,400 of its 2,000 worldwide employees are located in Jenbach, Austria. GE also operates two regional gas engine assembly facilities: one in Hangzhou, China, and one in Veresegyház, Hungary. Its Heat Recovery Solution facility is located in Stuart, Florida.

GE Jenbacher Gas Engines



GE PII Pipelie Solution


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PII Pipeline Solutions, a GE Oil & Gas and Al Shaheen joint venture, brings together a unique portfolio of advanced inspection technologies, integrity engineering expertise and software products, along with a wealth of field experience essential to deliver a confident, reliable assessment of the present and future condition of pipelines.

When it comes to complex challenges, in-line pipeline inspection is probably at the top of the list. Environmental and community safety and uninterrupted flow, plus meeting stringent regulatory requirements are of paramount importance. PII Pipeline Solutions provides a seamless package that cuts through the uncertainty

- from high precision tools to detect cracks, corrosion or damage, to innovative data analysis techniques that deliver accurate diagnostics and insightful pipeline integrity reports. We perform in-line inspections in every operating environment worldwide, underpinned by advanced data analysis

- a powerful combination that delivers exceptional results. Choose the right technology for every integrity challenge. Managing corrosion requires accurate defect detection, sizing, and classification. Properly characterized defect results then need to be assessed to determine actual growth rate. Our magnetic and ultrasonic ILI tools each offer unique advantages in detecting corrosion and the selection decision should be aligned with the operators particular mission and its underlying threat(s).

Managing the threat of injurious cracks requires detection of both critical and sub- critical crack-like features in the pipeline. In addition, it is extremely important that reliable location and sizing take place. For Identification and sizing of injurious cracks, our technologies can inspect older pipelines with propensity for weld-related cracks (seam, hooks). For accurate location and prioritization of cracks most likely to fail, our inspection capabilities can identify stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC), cracks of unknown gestation and failure state, for the prediction of rupture pressure when adjacent crack(s) interact, if extensive SCC crack fields are populated with both critical and subcritical cracks.

To maximize the value operators invest in their in line inspection programs, they should not fall back on overly conservative practices when deciding on their repair criteria. PII provides proven, industry accepted engineering practices aimed at reducing conservatism yet improving overall safety of your pipeline.


BRADEN MANUFACTURING. LLCBraden Manufacturing’s core business is ancillary equipment for gas turbine power generation, gas compression stations, and water injection systems, with installations worldwide. Braden equipment includes Air Filtration Systems, Inlet Cooling/Heating, Silencing Systems, Exhaust & Inlet Ductwork, Diverter Dampers, Simple Cycle SCRs, Expansion Joints, Bypass Exhaust Stacks, Diffusers & Plenums, Inspections & Technical Advisory, and After-market Filters & Spare Parts. Braden has factories in North America and manufacturing partners in more than 30 countries around the world, including several in the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia. This concept allows Braden to fabricate a high-quality product at a very low cost to our customers.




OILKLEEN® has developed the GREEN MACHEEN™ series, which is the world›s fastest and most efficient electrostatic oil cleaner. The GREEN MACHEEN™ series (patent pending) ensures that even the worst systems can be free of varnish, water, soluble varnish, and sub-micron foreign contamination. The compact industrial electrostatic OILKLEEN® cleaners (patent pending) ensure that equipment operates without risk of failure from contamination, extending
the life of the oil. OILKLEEN enables industry to cut costs and reduce wasted oil by up to 75 percent, so companies that use the OILKLEEN® GREEN MACHEEN™ electrostatic oil cleaners have a positive impact on the environment.



Aquilex Arabia, Ltd., a joint venture between Tamimi Group and Aquilex Corporation, was established to provide engineered repair solutions to existing equipment during projects and shutdowns. Because Aquilex’s Middle East headquarters is in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, it is able to provide its globally recognized solutions and technology to the GCC
energy market. Aquilex is the world leader in specialty services, repair, and overhaul solutions for the petrochemical and refining industries. Aquilex’s services include Erosion & Corrosion Services, Static Equipment Protection, Piping Construction & Replacement, Engineered Repair Services, Tube, Pipe & Vessel Cleaning, Advanced Hydrocutting, Steam Blowing Surfaces Cleaning, and Turbine Foam Cleaning.



BOLTIGHT specializes in the design, manufacture, sale, service, and refurbishment of hydraulic bolt tensioning tools, hydraulic nuts, ancillary equipment, and supporting products. BOLTIGHT provides spare parts and upgrades third-party tools for improved performance with the latest technology composite material seals, including composite material seals for enhanced performance. BOLTIGHT’s scope covers single to multiple tools, whether large or small, standard or custom-built.